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Does Your Jewelry Need Repair?

The beginning of the year is the time to weed out, decide what to get rid of and what to save. Maybe you're not sure. Sometimes jewelry doesn't need to be thrown out - it can be repaired! Please get in touch with me about pieces you would like an estimate on. It might be less expensive than you thought. Or it might not be worth repairing. I'll give you an honest appraisal. You can email photos to me and we can talk by phone, email, or Zoom or Facetime.

Custom Design Appointments

If you are interested in working with me on a custom design,   I am happy to meet with you by phone or we can meet online using Zoom or Facetime.   

Recent Etsy Reviews

" Such a lovely ring & Cathy was a joy to deal with! I really appreciate the time she took to thoroughly answer all my many questions which was extremely helpful during the custom order process. I bought this as a gift for my Mom and gave it to her yesterday....She loves it and it fits her perfectly :) Would absolutely buy from this shop again and I recommend this seller to anyone looking for a special, well-made piece of jewelry. Thanks so much for a great experience." 

" it is exactly what i wanted and needed. the ring fits perfectly in the center of the stack my fiancé and i made together. Cathy was so sweet and pleasant to work with. i can’t express how much i appreciate her craftsmanship and kindness." 

"If I could give Cathy 10 stars I would! This was a birthday present for my sister and she was great about holding the earrings and shipping them a week before my sister's birthday. She also changed the wires for me b/c of my sister's metal allergy and Cathy was super pleasant. It sounds like the gift was wonderfully wrapped as well. Would definitely purchase from her again!" 

 " This ring exceeded my expectations! Cathy was extremely responsive and helpful, and she provided fast service and shipping. The ring is well-made and just gorgeous, particularly in the light. The texture adds so much sparkle to the band; unfortunately, photos just don't do it justice! It is a truly lovely piece."


designing jewelry long distance - a testimonial

During this period of self-distancing and quarantines, I can still work with you to design something special! By phone, email, or face-to-face software, we can work together easily and safely. Here's the proof:

"After some initial discussions, via telephone, I decided that a ring might be the best choice. Cathy and I worked via phone and email, as well as Facebook during the process. After deciding on a ring, Cathy called me and we spoke at great length about my daughter, her likes and dislikes in jewelry as well as mundane things like ring size. She forced me to think. 

I provided pictures of my daughter so she could see her and the kinds of things she wears. Armed with that information Cathy went away and came back with suggested designs. I was floored! I could actually see my daughter wearing any of the possible designs. It was amazing! Over a period of a few weeks, the design was refined and I selected the option I liked best. 

The finished rings were outstanding and my daughter loved them. ... In a way, Cathy got into my head and brought out the perfect gift. Trusting Cathy with this important gift was the best thing I did! All of the things that one might think of negatives were not; long distance communication, no input from my very selective daughter, and ring design when Cathy had not ever met my daughter. It all worked out. ... My daughter loves her rings ".

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