Gift Certificates from Cathy Heinz Designs

Purchasing a gift certificate for use at Cathy Heinz Designs is easy. You may purchase them here in a number of different dollar amounts by using PayPal. PayPal offers you the option of paying with several types of credit cards. You also have the option of either emailing the gift certificate to your recipient or printing it out so that you can deliver it yourself. These gift certificates never expire. The FAQs for buying a gift certificate are below.

Click this button to buy a gift certificate now:

Purchasing a Gift Certificate
Here's how it works: For each certificate you wish to buy, click the "Buy Gift Certificate" button above. This will immediately take you to a PayPal screen, where you will see several lines to fill in:
Sender's Name Fill in your name.
Amount Clicking on the pulldown menu will show you the amounts that gift certificates are available in, ranging from $5 to $1000. (These are set amounts determined by Paypal.)
Recipient's Name Enter the name of the person to whom the gift certificate will be given.
Recipient's Email Enter the email address of the person to whom the gift certificate will be given.
*** Important NOTE*** Don't include a recipient email address if you are not sure who you will give the gift certificate to, or if you plan to print and personally deliver it.
If a recipient’s email address is indicated on a printed gift certificate, it may be redeemed only by the owner of that email address. If a gift certificate is sent to the wrong email address or is lost, it can be canceled or refunded at no charge within 60 days of the purchase date.

Confirm Recipient's Email Retype the email address of the person to whom the gift certificate will be given.
Personal Message Enter a message to the recipient. (This is optional)
Delivery Method You have a choice of either emailing the gift certificate to the recipient or printing it out yourself , if you prefer to deliver it yourself.

Buying the Gift Certificate
Click on the button "Buy Gift Certificate with PayPal". You will then go to a screen which summarizes your order and allows you to edit anything that needs correction.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you may click on the button at the lower left-hand side of the screen to proceed to pay. If you have a Paypal account, you can log into PayPal at the bottom right of the screen, and purchase the gift certificate, just as you would make any other Paypal purchase, by approving a funding source and clicking "Pay" to submit your gift certificate purchase.
You will then be directed to the "You Made a Payment" page, where you will have the option to purchase another gift certificate or click the "Done" button.

How To Redeem a Gift Certificate
When a gift certificate is delivered to the recipient, instructions are included on how to redeem the gift certificate. Recipients must have a PayPal account or sign up for one in order to redeem their gift certificates. This safeguard is intended to protect all parties involved.
The following steps outline how recipients of gift certificates redeem them when they pay for purchases when they use their gift certificates as the primary funding source:
1. Recipient adds items to his cart, then verifies the payment details on the Review Your PayPal Information page.
2. Recipient selects a gift certificate by clicking the Select Code button or by entering a redemption code in the field provided.
3. Recipient selects or adds a confirmed shipping address.
4. Recipient clicks "Continue Checkout".

Partial Amounts When a gift certificate is partially redeemed, the proceeds from the redeemed portion only are used. The unredeemed portion of the gift certificate remains in your recipient's PayPal account as a pending balance, which can be applied to a future purchase at Cathy Heinz Designs .

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