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Let's Create the Jewelry You Really Want to Wear

I do a lot of jewelry restyling work. Many of my customers come to me for this kind of specialized work. So many of us have jewelry that we never wear - it doesn't fit, it feels outdated, we inherited it, but really don't love it, the gemstones are nice, but the rest of the piece just isn't to our taste. Sometimes restyling is the perfect solution!

I love these kinds of projects, because they allow me to use my design skills to be a problem solver for my customers. With over 20 years of experience, I have a rich background in restyling - techniques and solutions that I have developed over the years. I understand that I may be working with a piece of jewelry that is often of immense sentimental value — I go into these projects with respect and understanding of my customers' requests.  

I have helped many customers to modernize or reshape their jewelry.

Here's how it works:

Step One: Contact us (preferably by email) to give us an overall idea about the jewelry you would like to restyle. I'll work with you to set up an appointment at my studio.

Step Two: At our meeting, I will inspect the piece(s) and discuss with you in general terms what can be done. We'll discuss your budget for the project and go over any questions you may have.

Step Three: I'll produce a selection of designs based on our conversations. These computer-generated designs are done to scale, with the the price included. We can discuss these designs and do some tweaking to get exactly what you want. Once we finalize the design, we have agreement to begin.

Step Four : I require an upfront non-refundable payment of half the total price of the piece. You may opt to pay online through an invoice from PayPal or Square, call us with a credit card number, or send a check. Work begins on your piece once the deposit is received. You will also be notified about the expected completion and delivery date of your order.

Step Five : When your piece is completed you will be billed for the other half of the total price (plus shipping and handling, if needed). Your item will be sent when payment is received.

Testimonials from our Customers:

"I hope that your creative work will inspire others to dig out those broken/unused heirlooms and work with you to breathe new life into them!" - P.A.,Maine

"Thank you for bringing my jewelry back to life!"

""Cathy was extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire ring design process. I went in not knowing exactly what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be unique! She sent me several ideas and was happy to tweak things here and there. It was clear to me that she’s been doing this for a long time and really knows what she’s doing!" - G.S., Maine 

" It is a true pleasure to collaborate with a talented person who really listens to my ideas but also knows how to make suggestions based on her expertise. She has an exquisite sense of design and is adamant that the final product be perfect. She spent a long time on my comet ring so that it would be exactly what I had in my mind's eye. She is a real mind reader at times! Aside from the "work" of recycling old gems we had such fun meeting, discussing and designing the jewelry. I feel she and I have done a very good thing for my children and grandchildren. They will now actually wear these heirlooms that would have been left in a box in the back of a drawer.!" - E.K., Maine

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