Repair/Jewelry Maintenance Services

I offer a number of repair/maintenance services:

1. Replacing or resetting gemstones that have fallen out

2. Retipping or tightening prongs

3. Resizing rings

4. Repairing broken chains or lost clasps; resizing chains

5. Reknotting pearl strands; restringing beads

6. Miscellaneous repairs, such a replacing earring wires or backs, broken clasps

Step One: Contact us (preferably by email) to give us an overall picture of the problem. We will need, at the very least, a digital photograph of the piece and a description of the problem. If we feel that we cannot properly diagnose the problem from the photograph, we will ask that you send us the piece. If you are local, you can make an appointment to bring the piece to the studio.

Step Two : A quote for the work. There are many factors that determine the cost of a repair:

1) Amount of labor to do the job

2) Cost of materials - gold, silver, platinum

3) Will we need to remove stones to do the work

Step Three : On most repair work, we require an upfront payment of half the total price of the piece. You may opt to pay online through an invoice from PayPal or Square, or call us with a credit card number. Work begins on your piece once the deposit is received. You will also be notified about the expected completion and delivery date of your order.

Step Four : Your piece is completed. When your piece is completed you will be billed for the other half of the total price (plus shipping and handling). Your item will be sent when payment is received.

More questions? Please contact me if you would like to know more.

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