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Many of my customers want to purchase creative, original, one of a kind rings that will commemorate the most important day of their lives. It's a special pleasure for me to work with my customers to design a piece that will give a lifetime of pleasure. Plus, the process is fun!

I love working with couples to design the perfect engagement and wedding rings. When we sit down to work together, I will ask you a lot of questions about your preferences - gemstones, metals, style, and budget, among others. This helps me to understand what sort of design will be the right one for you. A custom designed ring can vary greatly in price, so if you're working within a budget, I understand. Good design doesn't have to break the bank.

I have many designs that are appropriate for wedding and engagement rings. You may want to look at the designs on my Rings page. Many of those designs can be adapted to use other gemstones in different sizes or another metal for the ring or the setting. Above are some of my favorite designs. Each can be made with the stones or metals you want. 

Behind Every Ring Is a Story ...

The Very Special Ring

A few months ago, a man contacted me about making an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He had a stunning one carat diamond that he wanted a beautiful, graceful setting designed for. I designed a modern, slightly sculptural ring with a prong setting so that the amazing sparkle of the diamond would be shown to best advantage. He wrote:

"Having never considered bespoke jewelry before, and wanting to make sure that the engagement ring for my fiancée would be perfect, I appreciated Cathy‘s attentiveness and patience in turning my collection of impressions, thoughts, and gleanings into a perfect, gracious ring design. I was a little nervous at the moment I proposed to my fiancée, hoping we had gotten it right, but she absolutely loves the ring and the thoughtfulness that Cathy put into designing and crafting it."

A Band to Match the Engagement Ring

A young woman called me after seeing my rings at a local gallery. She wanted a wedding band that would coordinate with her lovely engagement ring, a beautiful oval moissanite, but could also be worn by itself. She chose a design with 3 moissanites, with embossing between the stones. She wrote me:

"Working with Cathy to design my wedding band was the most enjoyable and stress free part of wedding planning. She warmly welcomed my ideas for the design and used her professional expertise to refine those ideas into a gorgeous final product. The moment I put on my ring, I knew I was the owner of a future family heirloom. I love it!"

Beautiful Simplicity

I met with a couple who are planning their wedding. The bride-to-be didn't want a traditional engagement and wedding ring set. She wanted just one diamond ring. She liked the look of a wider band; it gives the ring a very substantial feel and plays up her diamond very well. The groom wanted a traditional band, except with a hammered surface to give it a more textural feel.

"We were very fortunate to find Cathy Heinz and her wonderful skills in design and handcrafting of the finest jewelry. We had very specific desires for our wedding rings and Cathy was completely attuned to our wishes. She showed us many examples of her beautfiul work and then guided us in melding varied elements into our perfect rings. When we went for the fitting, we were a bit nervous, as you can't be sure with custom work. But we were totally thrilled with both rings and are very excited to wear them every day. Cathy provides a fine synthesis of customer service, design, and handcrafting. We highly recommend her."

The Engineer's Ring

Earlier this year, I worked with an engineer to design an engagement ring. When I drew up some designs for him to consider, I just had a hunch that he might like a cathedral setting, especially with the modern look of white gold. They're very architectural and interestingly engineered. So, even though we hadn't discussed them, I threw one in. Guess what? That's the design he chose:) No, I can't read minds, but I do have a little experience with figuring out what customers might like.

"Cathy was extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire ring design process. I went in not knowing exactly what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be unique! She sent me several ideas and was happy to tweak things here and there. It was clear to me that she’s been doing this for a long time and really knows what she’s doing! This ring design was not something that she had done before but was willing to go out of her comfort zone for us. We absolutely love the finished product and we can’t wait to work with Cathy again for our future jewelry needs! We cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work!"

Wedding Party Jewelry

Give mementos that will make a memory for family and friends
Your wedding should be beautiful down to the last detail - why not give your bridal party jewelry that will remind your attendants of your day every time they wear it? A stunning pair of earrings or a necklace will complete the story of your wedding day. Even the littlest bridesmaids can have a special keepsake! And don't forget the mothers of the bride and groom. A special piece of jewelry to wear at your wedding and forevermore. Don't forget the guys - I can design cufflinks or tie tacks that will remind them of you every time they wear them.

Clover Earrings
Clover Necklace
Clover Bracelet

The earrings and necklace above are just a sample of jewelry that others have chosen for their weddings. And, of course, I can work with you to design pieces that will reflect the theme of your wedding and your individual taste.

Restoring Family Jewelry for Your Wedding

Many brides have treasured family jewelry that they would like to adapt to wear for their weddings.

"Prior to my wedding my mother gave me several strands of pearls that belonged to my great grandmother, however they had broken or missing clasps, and none of the strands were the right length. Cathy and I had a couple of conversations and she listened to exactly how I envisioned my wedding necklace, down to how many knots, pearls, number of strands, the type of clasp, etc. She re-stranded and re-knotted my great grandmother's pearls into a wonderful necklace that I will wear for years and years to come. Cathy did a wonderful job in the amount of time promised and I highly recommend her to anyone with jewelry needs and wishes." - K.L., Portland, ME

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